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The Integrated Life | Live a Purpose Full life

Oct 24, 2023

In this episode of The Integrated Life podcast, Diana has her special guest, Ferrell Fellows, Real Estate Broker, Developer, Coach, and Author of We Must Own. Ferrell tells her story of how she got started in real estate and about how lives can be changed and legacies built by owning property. Her testimony is powerful. She is a woman of the Word and puts her faith into action.

Join us to learn how to possess your land!!


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Kingdom Legacy Company 

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Introduction to show and special guest Ferrell Fellows

  • Ferrell shares about her business, Kingdom Legacy, and her passion for real estate 

  • Ferrell shares what took her in the direction of real estate 

  • The importance of developing skills and allowing God to shape us over time 

  • Ferrell talks about the different ways that you can get into investing in real estate 

  • Ferrell gives the meaning behind her book, We Must Own 

  • Ferrell shares her passion and calling to restore homes and restore people 

  • Ferrell’s obedience to God brought favor to her business 

  • How to get a copy of Ferrell’s book as well as her classes and other resources 

  • The importance of learning how and where money is invested 

  • How do we break past the limitations that we’ve put on ourselves that were not meant to be there?

  • Ferrell shares about how she has made her job a ministry and how God has impacted people